Career Development

Career development is the process of individuals managing their careers over time within and between employment settings. It includes the individual taking responsibility for gaining training and knowledge, which improves skills and ability to work in a chosen field.


STARS Career Development is a voluntary statewide program that documents early child care professionals’ educational and professional accomplishments. STARS (STARS) administers this program. Early child care professionals may use the program to accumulate an accurate record of their education and to receive recognition for their professional commitment.

The Career Development program may also be used in the following ways.

  • Employers may recruit staff for positions based on their career ladder level (levels are one through nine).
  • As an opportunity to pursue continued professional growth and adequate compensation
  • STARS may publicize the education, training and experience of participants, thus informing parents and the public that their children are being cared for and educated by trained professionals


A simple on-line Career Development application must be filled out, accompanied by a résumé documenting educational and professional experience.

For more information, please contact STARS or call (800) 400-3999 or (307) 772-9099.

Career Development Tools

Here are some of the tools available to Wyoming early childhood professionals include

  • Actively seeking training beyond required biennium clock hours
  • Need to renew your CDA? See more information here.

  • Pursuing an academic degree at a community college
    • For STARS credit please send a copy of your Transcripts
  • Pursuing a baccalaureate degree in early care and education from a university
    • For STARS credit please send a copy of your Transcripts